The Planner Society Kit Review

The Planner Society Kit Review header image.

I wanted to do a kit review for the Planner Society for a while now. I’ve been getting this kit for a few months, and every time I was just too excited and tore into things before sitting down to take some proper photos. This month, though, the kit arrived a few days earlier than expected, and I convinced myself this meant I can wait long enough before playing to take some quick photos. Please enjoy August’s Planner Society kit!

Box labelled "scarlet lime Planner Society"

The kit arrived in this adorable box, which is both wonderful and terrible. It’s great because it’s so cute and very easy to open and reuse to store the pieces of the kit while I organize myself, but it’s almost too cute to throw out!

Opened box with text "hello Planner Society girl" written on the inner lid. A colourful envelope is inside.

I love being greeted with “hello Planner Society girl” when I open my monthly kit, but Mr. Martie watched this time and wondered whether there were any sad planner boys out there. I haven’t met any that are vocally into decorating their planners, but surely..??

I snapped this photo without disturbing anything, including the packet of pen refills that sat mysteriously atop. I think this was because I had a loose pen refill in the envelope – this may have been a replacement for a broken packet?

A look inside an envolpe filled with stationary.

This is always the best part – peeking into the envelope! I took this for you even before I started pawing about greedily. I love the colours for this month. Vibrant yellows, greens, and pinks are absolutely my thing, and I was thrilled with the theme.

A pile of stationary items, including a pen, washi tape, stamps, and a colourful clip.

The kit spilled out onto my desk! What would you reach for first?

A pen laying atop sticker sheets.

The pen is always the most exciting thing for me. This month’s design was really cute, though I preferred the previous version of the crown pen, which had a shorter tip. For my tiny hands, the shorter the front part of the pen is, the more control I feel I have. I did appreciate the additional refills, though!

There were five mini sticker sheets this month to go along with a sticker sheet/embellishment album. One of the reasons that I got myself the subscription is to actually learn to use my supplies – so instead of hoarding these they will definitely be used. Having five sheets means a lot of decoration is coming my way!

Journaling cards.

This month’s journaling cards matched the stickers, and I loved the colours. I preferred the rounded corners that came with the kit a few months ago, but I really liked how bright these were. I’ll be rounding and laminating them myself.

Colourful paper embellishments.

The embellishments! I’ll probably laminate my favourites out of these as well, and then use washi to stick them here and there. I really like the fact that the planner girls are purposefully left blank so you can colour the skin and hair colour in yourself to whatever you’d like.

Wooden embellishments.

This month included some gorgeous wooden embellishments. I haven’t used these before, but I think I may add them to a shaker dashboard I’ve been meaning to make from the confetti in a previous kit:

A small pot of spilled confetti atop colourful paper.

This is the confetti from last month, including a little container I wrapped in that month’s washi tape as well. I think this month’s wooden embellishments will really work well with the cute colours in the confetti!

Two rolls of washi tape and a decorative flower clip.

Back to this month’s kit! The clip is from The Creative Bee who partnered with the Planner Society. Love that glitter! I wish the green pieces were laminated, or plastic, because I can see myself creasing those lovely leaves.

This month also featured two rolls of washi; I adore the bright happy yellow floral so much!

Colourful tabs, label stickers, and stamps with the days of the week and numbers.

These are a few of the more “practical” items; tabs, labels, and stamps. The tabs are wonderful, as I am perpetually making a mess of adding tabs to my dividers. I had these in a previous kit and they made things so much easier. I laminated the dividers before adding the provided label stickers, and was able to restick the stickers when I changed my mind, too. Love that!

The stamps this month are also really great for me. They feature a little banner with room for the day of the week and date. It’s frustrating writing the day for every page on printables, so these will help. I’m also really looking forward to using this in my journal! These stamps are really quite tiny, too – almost the same size as regular handwriting.

A pen laying atop colourful sticky notes.

This month’s sticky notes! There’s a good deal of room to do my writing, which always makes me really happy. I’m a stickler for the stickiness of sticky notes (hah!), though – I find that nothing short of Post-Its reaches my high standards. These notes are not as sticky as I’d like; I stuck one to a cabinet in the kitchen and almost lost it in the oven. No issues when sticking them onto paper though – thankfully no curling, which drives me batty! So they’re perfect for your planner, as intended!

A leather album with clip closure.

This month’s “surprise item” was a small wallet for stickers or embellishment. There are 20 pages to slip something in, each page being a little larger than a credit card. They’re big enough for the sticker sheets that came with the kit, but I’ve crammed this wallet full of my embellishments. I used to store those in a larger 4×6 photo album, but found it hard to fish them out of the pockets. Stuffed full like I have it, this little album doesn’t close, but that’s fine by me. It seems very sturdy, and the cover and button are tough. I can see this being a great thing to slip into your purse, too.

A sticky note with writing on it.

Lastly, a quick preview of the pen! As you can see, it does get a little bit scratchy at times, but again, I am a ridiculous purist about these things and have a personal preference for medium tipped pens. The ink is a wonderful dark black.

And, as an added bonus, you can also have the Green Tea Frap recipe that I scribbled above as a test for the pen! See the end of this post for it!

I’m a fan of the Planner Society kit – it’s a kit with a broad range of items, and many of them feel “practical” in making my planner work for me. They’re beautifully designed, and the quality is high. The kit comes to around $45 CAD including shipping, and for me, it definitely makes sense. It’s much cheaper than ordering similar items separately, or buying the pieces at Michael’s. I also love the fact that the creator posts sneak peeks throughout the month on her Instagram. Getting these sneak peeks sustains my desire for acquiring new craft items, and has definitely helped keep the craft budget in check! (That and the fact that I promised myself not to set foot in a Micheal’s while I’m subscribed to the kit! So far so good!!)

Are you subscribed to any planner kits? Which are your favourites??





Martie’s Melty Matcha Mix:

Blend the following:

1 cup ice

1 cup milk (I use So Delicious soy milk)

2 teaspoons vanilla matcha (I get mine from DavidsTea)

2 teaspoons of pure matcha (Again, DavidsTea!)

1/2 teaspoon agave or honey

120 mL vanilla ice cream

Enjoy! (I tend to like my matcha drinks fairly light on sweetness, so this may not be to everyone’s taste!)



“Why do you have more than one planner?”

"Why do you have more than one planner?" at

I’ve both seen and personally gotten questions like this: “Why do you have more than one planner?” “What do you put in them all?” “Why don’t you just use your phone?” and “How do you keep them all updated?” I know I’m not the only one! Today I thought I would write out a list of the planners I’m using, and what’s actually in them. I hope this post will answer most of these questions!

I had hoped to do this as part of my planner walk-through series, but I think this will be a bit more comprehensive! Be warned, it’s fairly dense!

"Desk" written atop a planner.





Desk Planner
This is an A4 with five tabs:

  • Day
  • Week
    • This is the page that I typically keep this planner open to on my desk – sometimes straying into Day or Month depending on how busy things are!
  • Month
  • To Do
    • Short term tasks that I’m not sure the order of, or whether I’ll be able to squeeze them into a given week.
  • My Tasks
    • Longer goals – typically projects to undertake around the house.

This planner stays open on my desk, and I glance in it constantly during the course of my day.

"Purse" written atop a planner.





Purse Planner
This is another A4 with six tabs:

  • Personal Information
    • This has contact information, and any info that I need when out. (Coupon codes, etc.)
  • Schedule
    • A schedule for busy days. I plan this ahead of time, and list any addresses or phone numbers that I’ll need at a glance when running errands.
    • I also move the week (or two) from my desk planner here to take with me.
  • To Buy
    • A simple shopping list, updated as things run out.
  • To Do
    • A list of errands that I need to run that aren’t urgent and can be done when I’m in a given area.
  • Notes
    • Who doesn’t need a notebook when they’re out?
  • Purchases
    • A multi-purpose section. I jot down purchases here to transfer into my budget software later if they don’t come with a receipt. I also have a pocket for receipts to file, coupons, and giftcards.

This is the planner that goes everywhere with me!

"Home" written atop a planner.





Home Planner
This is an A5 planner that lives in “neutral” territory in the kitchen – that way neither Mr. Martie nor I are digging in each others’ desks for it! It has six sections:

  • Monthly
    • Used to keep each other appraised of various family dinners/shopping trips, etc. We used to use a digital calendar for this, but found it frustrating trying to juggle various operating systems/environments, and our personal and shared appointments.
  • Weekly
    • This is where this planner usually lies open. One page features the days of the week, where we plan out groceries/trips to the gym/errands, and another page is lined sites. There we leave each other notes/suggestions which get copied into our personal planners as we take responsibility for them. We’ll also jot shopping list items there when it’s not convenient to grab our “outside” planners.
    • This section also has, on journaling cards, the chores that we do seasonally. We have four cards for each of the seasons, and they’re distributed throughout the year. These get moved from week to week as we work on the list during that specific season.
  • Chores
    • Our chore charts! The master list of the annual chores resides there, as well as our individual monthly/weekly/daily lists. These get copied into our own planners in whatever way works for us individually.
  • Lists
    • A very multi-purpose section, which includes single pages such as:
      • Answers to Common Household Questions! – “How many cups of water does the ice tea pitcher hold??” “What are the default settings on the rice cooker??” and other silly things that we found ourselves needing to figure out every few weeks.
      • Shared To Dos – things that aren’t exactly chores, but things that we want to do together at some point. Renewing our first aid classes is next on the list!
      • Logins – when we need to look something up and the other isn’t around. A bit of a warning here: this it not recommended for sensitive information! We do not have people walking through our kitchen, and this planner never leaves the house, so we’re fairly comfortable having this out. But if you don’t want your kids’ friends logging into your blog/email/netflix account, you probably don’t want to leave this kind of information in a busy place!
  • Meal Plan
    • Pretty self explanatory! So far this is just a weekly list, including a side list of things that we have that need to get eaten that week so recipe planning is easier, and so when we grab a spontaneous snack it isn’t something that expires in the distant future. I’d like to work on a better system some day!
  • Finances
    • For a bit there I was trying to manage our budget without the use of software, but it got to be a bit too much. Nevertheless, written out here is a list of our expense categories, and how much we expect to spend on each category monthly and annually. There’s also a section where we tuck receipts in as soon as we come home, and I add these every week to the budgeting software.
      I also use this section to keep track of planner box subscriptions and our Chef’s Plate deliveries. Fun!

"Creativity" written atop a planner.





Creativity Planner
Another A5, this is a work in progress and currently only has two sections:

  • Blog
    • Ideas for entries, a schedule that I (fail to) keep to, and a list of goals that I’d like to accomplish on!
  • Book Review
    • A section to manage book review lists and submission deadlines.

This is a planner I definitely want to expand upon, but it’s taken a back seat (in a very very long car) to some of the other more urgent planners. I want to add my gardening information here, eventually. Basically – this is where I manage my fun!

"Life" written atop a planner.





Life Planner
This A5 planner is a doozy, which now has six tabs. Originally I had tried to put everything related to my life in it – all my tasks and my creative plans and my household projects and my health information and my passwords and my gardening planner and and and it started to get really hard to close. Or even turn the pages.

The current tabs are:

  • Calendar
    • This is not a calendar of events or appointments, but rather it’s for all those things that I need to know such as “when did I last..?” or “when should I next..?” I primarily use it to manage my plants, my kombucha brewing, and my starter yeast feeding. This is on a weekly page layout.
  • Health
    • Summaries of visits to doctors, dentists, and optometrists. Any health information that I want to keep track of.
  • Activities
    • This is primarily lists, and includes things like “Events of the Year” and “Sick Days.” The latter so we know how much time has been taken off work, and the prior being a list of what date we did things such as change the batteries in the smoke detector, when we opened/closed any accounts, when we used a call at CAA, etc. A list of all the little things that don’t quite fit anywhere else, but need to be find-able.
  • Followup
    • This section, when I put it together, was such a wonderful life-changer. This is where I put all the scraps and bits and pieces that I want to follow up on. For example, where previously I had a pile of papers on my desk that included promotional coupons, alumni mailings, stacks of cards from an expo or festival, scrawled URLs, menus, not-yet-registered loyalty cards, now I have a checklist, and a pocket for things I can’t toss.
      Any relevant information gets written into the checklist, and the original paper is tossed. I no longer hold on to alumni newsletters for months because they have all the relevant information about a lecture series I want to attend at the end of the year, and I’m not there in my planner sheets yet. This is a catch-all that has replaced piles of junk and it’s made me so much happier.
  • Homework
    • A tongue in cheek section which holds information about more labour intensive tasks that I need to do, often related to learning goals.
  • Passwords
    • I know, I know. But I figure that having them in a binder on my desk in an office nobody visits is a lot safer than having them saved over a million browser password managers, right?

This exploding planner is, ultimately, why I seem to have wound up with so many planners; the physical limitations of binder rings that don’t magically expand, and the terror that Mr. Martie’s face showed any time I told him “Oh, that’s in my planner, help yourself!” when he asked a question I was too busy to look up.

I think that answers “Why do you have more than one planner?” pretty well! I find planners to be a very useful thing in many aspects of my life, and I’ve found that they decrease paper clutter enormously for me. I love the versatility that the ring bound system offers me especially, because I can move beyond what is typically found in a planner and really customize to suit my individual needs.

I hope reading about the planner sections I have has given you some ideas for your planner – or maybe given you the excuse you need to buy another one! As always, thanks for reading, and let me know what you think!







Office makeover!

I had hoped to get an entry up reviewing my new Dokibook, but a great deal on a desk on Kijiji derailed my plans! 

This has turned into a makeover for the whole office, including a new desk for Mr. Martie as well. The end result for now is that my computer is in pieces hither and thither, and I’m posting this through my phone.

Until I can get that entry up, here’s a small peek of my new writing/budgeting/planning space!

A white desk with planners , an iPad , and odds and ends.

I love the shadow boxes as organizers. I still want another of those organization cubes from Michael’s for the left side, though! 

Hoping to update properly soon!