#washiwednesday Collection!

I’ve been busy with work lately, but thought I’d put up a few of my Instagram photos for #washiwednesday! It’s always a gorgeous tag to peek at, and a lot of fun to take photos for! All the tape below is from Michael’s, except in the last image – which is a bonus peek at my whole collection!

Gold, pink, and mint washi.

This roll is probably my favourite! It’s light and delicate, and the mint brings the colour scheme in my teal planner to a more pastel realm! I’ve also snuck in two tapes from different sets!

Rainbow watercolour washi stack on a desk.

Whenever I have a really busy day, I tend to turn to these rainbow watercolour tapes. They’re really vibrant and make a task list much more cheerful! (They seem to get used every weekend…!)

White washi with green leaves surrounded by fresh lavender.

I think these two tapes were the first I got at Michael’s. They’re so delicate and beautiful. I’ve used small snippets of them to create stems for punch-cut flowers.

An irregular stack of colourful washi.

And this is just a stack of colourful silliness. I tend to save these for special days, such as birthdays.

Washi tape in a box.

And this is the box that I’ve allocated for my washi! I’m limiting myself to what I can fit in here, and no more! It’s getting tricky – I could probably still pile some on top of the rolls and manage to close the lid…..? (Most of those are from Micheal’s, but the majority of the second row from the bottom hails from Tchibo years ago, and a few on the bottom row I got from online stationary shops.)

Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear about your favourite washie – if you have photos, even better!


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