Planner Tour: Filofax Compact Patent

Planner tour: Filofax Patent Compact

I can’t believe that April is almost over. Where did the month go? I think because May is looking so busy for us, April got caught up in the whirlwind of planning for the future. It’s hard to remember the present sometimes when there’s so much to be done!

This post has been sitting in my drafts for too long though, and I really want to get it up. It’s a tour of my first “real” planner (Do Lisa Frank planners from grade school count??), a Filofax Compact Patent in a lovely lavender colour!

I got this planner around Christmas time, and have my wonderful neighbours to thank for its safe arrival! That day, when I went to get the mail, I found a package that belong to someone a few blocks over in our postbox. A few hours after I’d come home from dropping that neighbour’s mail off, someone from a few blocks in another direction knocked on my door to tell me they’d gotten my mail! With no tracking on the package, I’m really grateful they were kind enough to bring it over.

A planner open to the first page.

I love redesigning the cover pages on my planners, but I’ve stuck with this one for a few months now. It’s a simple bit of scrapbook paper, some glitter tape, and a magnetic bookmark that I move as needed. There normally isn’t anything in the secretarial pockets. My loyalty cards are mostly on my phone, and my credit cards stay in my wallet. I did tuck a journaling card in there to give things a dash of mint, though.

<img class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-145″ src=”×1024 generic viagra for sale in usa.jpeg” alt=”A cover page in a planner, featuring a magnetic bookmark.” width=”780″ height=”780″ srcset=”×1024.jpeg 1024w,×150.jpeg 150w,×500.jpeg 500w” sizes=”(max-width: 780px) 100vw, 780px” />

I made the dividers out of simple transparency paper – and full disclosure, it may even have been off some blister packaging for something. Those things are sturdy! I keep changing what’s in my dividers constantly, so a dash of glitter tape is the only thing I use to differentiate between dividers. Any writing would need to be changed in a month!

A planner divider page featuring a journaling card.

I keep the Filofax year at a glance before the first tab, though I don’t tend to use it that often.

A daily planner page.

The first section is a daily page from (found here, specifically.) I love Arlyna’s printables – neat but colourful and pretty! They’re definitely worth checking out! There are many more on her site.

I use the today pages whenever I have a lot of errands to run. Normally I keep track of my days in a weekly spread in an A5 planner, but whenever a busy day looms, it’s great to write everything out so I don’t forget anything. We live in a large city, and to get to the downtown core takes about an hour’s drive. Not something you want to repeat if you forget to stop somewhere!

The original Filofax pages that came with the planner I gave to my partner to use. I’m not sure if he does, but they were too tiny for me to cram everything into! I don’t know how people who use only a Personal size manage! Tell me your secrets!

A planner divider page featuring a journaling card.

I decorated my transparent dividers with a bit of washi, some punched flowers, and a journaling card each. The colourful dots are more scrapbook paper. I love that I can restick washi – I change those journaling cards out every once in a while.

A list page in a planner.

This section is a printable I designed for myself. It’s a simple three column page that lets me categorize things and check them off. I use this for stores/items to buy, budget category/item bought, or anything else that needs a reference while I’m out and about. Currently I have a list of errands that need to be run, and clothes I need to buy.

This is pretty useful, as I tend to buy clothes purely on aesthetics. And sure, having a million a-line dresses is fun, but not when you don’t have any shoes to go with them!

A planner divider page featuring a journaling card.

An occasional embellishment may sneak in once in a while-!

A monthly spread in a planner.

This next page is pretty self explanatory. I’m not sure at this point where these monthly sheets came from – they’ve been in my stationary drawer for some time. I use these to jot down appointments and any unusual times that I am busy in the month. Makes agreeing to plans a bit less stressful! I do actually use my phone for this, too, but I find that seeing it on paper helps me visualize my time a bit more. Plus, my digital calendar is full of mutli-country holidays, sunrise and sunset times, moon phases, and a whole mess of things that makes it hard to quickly see if I’m free or not!

A planner divider page featuring a journaling card.

Possibly a bit of an exaggeration on this journaling card, because the next section simply is….

Blank note pages in a planner with decorative embellishments.

Blank lined pages! For ideas, scribblings, musings, recommendations, and anything else that comes up. I’ve always carried a notepad with me, and having it in a planner keeps my purse a bit neater.

A planner divider page featuring a journaling card.

Again a bit of cheekiness with the message on this card, (“Sometimes that thing you’re looking for comes when you’re not looking at all” in case the gloss makes it hard to read), because this next section is where I am constantly looking.

A two pocket page in a planner.

A double-pocket page I made which I use incessantly. Receipts, notes, parking slips, and any other ephemera I accrue while out goes in here, to be properly sorted when I come home.

A planner divider page featuring a journaling card.

The pocket page probably doesn’t need it’s own divider, but I love this card combined with those colours of flower and so have separated the next section off anyway!

Planner pockets holding store giftcards.

Here I have a card page, and a zipped pocket. Coupons and giftcards go in here. I love that it’s in the back, because I can easily flip to it when I’m standing in line at the checkout without holding anyone up. Usually the zip pocket is crammed full of Michael’s deals….

A journaling card with contact information peeks out of a planner pocket.

And in the back I keep the Filofax registration number, as well as my contact information on a journaling card. I also keep a sample A5 page in there in case I quickly need to measure something in stores. (It came in very handy when I was buying a box to store my spare A5 printables in!)

A pink bunny charm rests on a paper gold-embossed embellishment.

And, of course, what planner is complete without a little charm hanging off it?

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed the tour! I’d love to hear if any of you have multiple planners, and if you carry any around! I was pretty torn about having one for my purse and desk, but it’s working out for me! What about you?




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