Planners! From “I’ll just remember!” to “I need three!”

Planners! from "I'll just remember!" to "I need three!"

Welcome to my blog! For my first entry, I wanted to talk a bit about my new (has it been five months already??) passion – planning! I hadn’t used a planner since I was in school, but Pinterest seemed to notice my love of journaling and suggested that I take a peek at the world of decorated planners.

A planner open to a colourful cover page.
FIlofax cover page

The combination of organizing and paper craft was too much. Around the end of 2015, when holiday sales ran rampant, I snagged my first Filofax from Chapters Indigo for $30 CAD (which, for those in the U.S.A., probably translates roughly to 50 cents…). It’s a Compact Patent Organizer in Lavender, and I fell absolutely in love with the colour. Since then, it has been joined by a Kikki K Time Planner Large in Teal* and Chapters Indigo Agenda.

A stack of three brightly coloured planners.
Planner stack

Since I graduated, I had fallen away from using a planner, and started to depend a lot more on my phone. It seemed a lot simpler to keep track of my appointments in an app, where I could share the events easily with Robert. Anything related to the house and chores we tried to juggle in our heads, and if a particularly turbulent day arrived, To Do lists scattered on sticky notes or scraps of paper littered our desks. I felt like without the flurry of reading assignments, lectures and tutorials, essays and research papers, I shouldn’t really need a planner.

I was very wrong.

A colourful page in a planner.
Kikki K cover page

Since that first splurge, I have used two of my planners daily – the third reserved for errands and outings. Even Robert has gotten himself two (one for his desk, and one for his bag), though his needs are radically different than mine.

A planner open to a colourful divider page.
Filofax divider page

It may depend on the individual, but we’ve both noticed that we’re getting a lot more done around the house, and finally feeling like we’re making headway in the ongoing fight against the Chore Monster. When we have a few minutes that we’re not sure what to do with, it’s so easy to glance into a planner (or the shared Home Agenda!), and check something simple off.

A closed planner surrounded by washi tape, pens, and a journal card.
Chapters Indigo planner

Personally, I no longer suffer from making unending To Do lists that I then lie in anguish in bed over because I only got a third of them done. Having things divided over the course of the week makes me feel like I am actually making some headway, instead of seeing the same unending list for days on end. It’s also so much easier to tackle big projects when I can break them down into manageable tasks that I approach one day at a time.

A closed planner surrounded by washi tape and a pen.
Kikki K Time Planner Large, Teal

Other than Robert, I’ve managed to convert my Mom to the joy of paper planning. Her enthusiastic questions about how I’m managing to organize myself made me think that for the next few entries, I’ll provide a breakdown of how I use my three planners, and what works for me. I hope you enjoy! I would love to hear what planners you fell in love with! Thanks for reading!

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Filofax divider page


* If you’re in Canada, bear in mind that Kikki K ships using DHL, who charge their own fees on top of Canada’s import taxes and any shipping fees that you pay. Meaning, I paid shipping, Canada’s taxes, and then on top of that a surprise DHL fee that amounted to 1/3 the cost of the planner!

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